Raising the Roof: Understanding QBCC’s Roofing Rules for Property Owners

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Understanding Essential Roofing Regulations

At SIG Roofing Group Brisbane, we recognise the importance of keeping current with essential roofing regulations. This includes adhering to the guidelines set by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Act 1991 , which are crucial for anyone in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia considering significant roofing projects or repairs.

QBCC Roofing Regulation Overview

A major regulation from the QBCC states that any roofing project that involves replacing more than 20% of the existing roof area must obtain a Building Approval. This responsibility can be managed either by the roofing contractor or the property owner.

Evolving Roofing Standards

Considering that roofs typically have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years, building standards and roofing materials are bound to evolve. Therefore, when it’s time to replace an older roof, it’s vital to ensure that the new installation complies with the current building standards, making the process of obtaining a Building Approval essential.

Building Approval Process

The Building Approval process involves an assessment by a building certifier. The certifier is responsible for ensuring that the proposed roofing system is fit for its intended purpose and meets the latest regulatory standards. These standards include criteria such as batten size and spacing, tie-down requirements, and compatibility with the existing roof structure.

SIG Roofing Group’s Commitment

SIG Roofing Group are committed to remaining knowledgeable about these regulations. We ensure that all our roofing projects meet these standards and are of the highest quality.

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