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At SIG Roofing Group, we’re proud to offer Wonderglas GC skylight roofing and cladding as the leading solution for translucent roofing in Brisbane.

Made from top-quality Australian made fiberglass, Wonderglas GC is designed to withstand the tough Australian climate, ensuring durability and excellent performance for years to come.

Wonderglas GC allows natural light to fill your space while blocking out the intense heat associated with clear roofing materials. The sheets come equipped with advanced UV protection technology, ensuring that the light that enters is both soft and evenly spread, perfect for areas that need illumination without the glare of direct sunlight.

What sets Wonderglas GC apart is its resistance to corrosion and chemical damage, making it an ideal choice for industrial sites that frequently deal with harsh elements. It’s also low-maintenance, which means you can keep your focus on your work without worrying about frequent roof repairs.


Understanding that each building project has unique needs, we offer Wonderglas GC in a variety of sizes and profiles to ensure a perfect fit for your specific design requirements. Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, our team is committed to helping you integrate Wonderglas GC seamlessly into your project.

For a roofing solution that combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, choose Wonderglas GC from SIG Roofing Group. Contact us today to talk about your project and learn how we can enhance your space with natural light.

Wonderglas GC

Wonderglas GC (GC = gel coated surface) is a UV-protected GRP (Glass reinforced poly) sheeting product. Chemically cross-bonded, the gel coating is 100 micron thick and is integrated with the sheet. This prevents delamination. The sheet’s gel-coated surface acts as an invisible barrier, reducing surface erosion and light transmission losses to a negligible extent.

  • Hail Resistant

  • Stable Light  Transmission

  • Coating with UV Stable 100 Micron Gel

  • Reduces UV Transmission by 99%

  • Low Surface Erosion

  • Chemical Resistant

  • SL, SR76 Retardent

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